Crazy For Craft Beverages

When you hear someone say they are going to Collingwood or Blue Mountain, you tend to associate that with skiing, renting a chalet, or perhaps years ago attending the Elvis Festival.  Collingwood is the gateway to surrounding communities and is truly a four-season playground.  But did you know that the Southern Georgian Bay region is home to numerous breweries, wineries, cideries and distilleries?  Perhaps they have all located here because of the lifestyle, but whatever their reasons, they certainly add value to the communities in which they operate and the overall area.  If you enjoy a good drink, then read on.

We love our beer!  The craft brewery business is growing leaps and bounds.  Big name brands are fading in popularity as these local breweries are continually finding innovative ways to add flavours, hops and more to their brews.  People like to be part of something that is exclusive and made locally, and that is what these breweries offer their customers.

Creemore Springs Brewery is the premiere craft brewery in the area, dating back to 1987, and influenced the growth of the village.

Side Launch Brewing Company was named to honour Collingwood history.  Years ago, the town’s major industry was building lake freighters.  These massive ships could not be launched the traditional way, instead they were launched sideways or “side launched”.  Each side launch brought the entire town out to watch, as it was quite the splash.

The Collingwood Brewery was founded in 2014 and brews beers for all occasions.  They are known for their small batch Freestyle Series.

Northwinds Brewhouse & Kitchen has two locations where you can enjoy a cold beer along with a meal, or shop in the retail store.

Thornbury Village Cider House & Brewery is committed to crafting small-batch European style Pilsners and Lagers that are true to traditional style while producing quality craft, ultra-premium beer with the added freshness of a local product.

Black Bellows Brewing Company is the latest addition, located in a former blacksmith and carriage-making shop.

Many of Ontario’s apples are grown right here, along the shores of Georgian Bay.  It’s no wonder that local cideries are emerging throughout the picturesque landscapes. Cider is crisp, clear and typically gluten free and sulphate free. For all things apple, visit 

Thornbury Village Cider House & Brewery was formerly a wooden apple storage building many years ago.  They have premium, easy drinking, crisp, and refreshing ciders that tantalize the palette.

Grey & Gold Cider Company uses heritage apples and allow their ciders to ferment slowly over months, not days or weeks, resulting in a cider that develops greater varietal character and complexity.

Spy Cider House And Distillery has a goal to create unique and flavourful ciders and spirits that pay homage to the region.

Ardiel Cider House practices the age-old tradition of winemakers called “back blending”.  This is accomplished by adding unfermented fresh apple juice and a small amount of ice cider which balances out the acidity and alcohol and enhances the flavour.

Duntroon Cyder House is known for hand craft traditional English and French style cyders using premium hand-picked Ontario apples.

Reinhart’s Cider began in apples over a 100 years ago.  Today they are back to their roots making pure and natural cider that is always enjoyable.

We tend to think of the Niagara region, when we refer to local Ontario wine.  However, our region has a unique micro climate that allows grapes to be grown, resulting in many award-winning cold climate wines.

Georgian Hills Vineyards is immersed in developing a wine portfolio that offers consumers two unique styles of Ontario wines.

The Roost is a family owned and run winery in the Blue Mountains. They grow, make and serve seriously good cold climate wine for unserious occasions.

Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery specialize in artisanal wines that are made from varietals suited to our northern geography such as Geisenheim, Maréchel Foch, L’Acadie Blanc, Baco Noir and Marquette.

With the crisp and clean water of Georgian Bay as an ingredient, it’s no wonder that spirits are produced here.

Canadian Mist, a well-known name, has been making ice happy since 1967.

Heretic Spirits is the premiere craft distillery in Collingwood producing gin and vodka.  After Covid-19 hit, they stepped up and produced hand sanitizer.

Spy Cider House And Distillery produce gin, vodka, brandy and their unique Eau-De-Vie, which warms you up from the inside out.

Georgian Bay Spirit Co. produce gin, vodka and a wide range of craft cocktails in a can.

Freshwater Distillery Inc. is the newest to join the distillery family in Collingwood with their gin products.

Perhaps we should be known as the Craft Beverage Capitol of Ontario!

More information on some of these producers and others can be found at  If you have a passion for craft beverages, then be sure to plan a daytrip or weekend away to visit some of the finest in the region.  Or better yet, book a custom tour with us when it’s safe to do so.  We’ll do all the planning and driving, so you can relax and enjoy.  In the meantime, you can pick up beverages from many of these producers at your local LCBO, or order online directly from them.



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